It’s time to act on your digital transformation journey

By 2050, it is predicted that 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. While urban areas occupy only 3% of the Earth’s land, they account for approximately 60-80% of all energy consumption and 75% of carbon emissions. Rapid urbanization also exerts pressure on power and water supplies, wastewater treatment capabilities, transportation systems and more.

Leaders are looking for ways to transform the way cities and urban spaces are built and managed, and countries are exploring and investing in technologies to engineer smarter urban ecosystems that support resilient communities.

Digital solutions are an emerging technological advancement in city planning and administration that have the potential to help achieve these goals. By fusing advanced information and communication technology solutions with AI and other innovations, cities can create digital twins to improve government services by enabling more informed decision-making and real-time response to challenges.

In this free research report, explore:

  • Challenges cities are facing today
  • The rise of digital twin technology
  • Potential digital twin applications
  • Benefits of deploying digital twin solutions
  • Potential impact of a digital twin ecosystem in a city
  • Challenges in digital twin adoption
  • Examples of successful digital twin implementations

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