Digital twins can bolster public safety and security

Modern governments are facing challenges – everything from increasing crime, terrorism, cybersecurity, natural disasters and emergencies to the long-lasting impacts of urbanization and changing demographics, such as aging population and urban migration.

To deal with these challenges and maintain the well-being of citizens, governments are prioritizing public safety and security technology investments. Effective planning and response require an understanding of required technical capabilities and solutions. 

Digital twins are considered valuable tools for industries such as urban planning, construction and manufacturing. However, digital twin technology is just beginning to take hold in the public safety and security sector, where it can be used for real-time mapping and visualization, crime scene reconstruction, predictive modeling and more.

In this free research report, explore:

  • Challenges public safety and security agencies are facing today
  • The rise of digital twin technology
  • Potential digital twin applications
  • Benefits of deploying digital twin solutions
  • Challenges in digital twin adoption
  • Examples of successful digital twin implementations

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