How can digital twins disrupt the status quo for city planners and administrators?

In this free, one-hour, on-demand webinar hosted by SmartCitiesWorld, experts from Hexagon and TRAGSATEC discuss how city authorities can harness this innovative technology to create smart digital realities. They’ll also provide a walkthrough of Campo de Cartagena’s digital twin, the first of its kind in Spain.
You’ll be guided through the key concepts and practical applications of digital twins in city management, including:

  • Understanding digital twins: Demystify the concept of digital twins and how they replicate physical assets, infrastructure and systems in a virtual environment
  • Real-world applications: Explore use cases, including infrastructure maintenance, traffic management and emergency response, and how digital twins are driving tangible improvements in operational efficiency and public safety
  • Data-driven decision-making: Learn how digital twins enable city decision-makers to harness vast amounts of data (from IoT sensors, data analytics and AI) to make informed and timely choices
  • Enhancing public services: Uncover how digital twins facilitate the creation of more liveable, sustainable and resilient cities
  • Challenges and implementation strategies: Discuss the challenges and considerations involved in implementing digital twins in urban contexts
  • Future outlook: Gain insights into the future of digital twins in city management, including emerging trends and innovative possibilities for urban development


Isabel Quiles

Project Manager


Quiles leads the Campo de Cartagena Digital Twin Project in Spain. With more than 10 years’ experience, she coordinates cartographic production works - from aerial flights to cartographic production and editing, including sensor orientation, topographic observations and generation of digital models, orthophotos and digital twins.

Dr. Uwe Jasnoch

Director, EMEA Government, Transportation and Defense

Hexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division

Prior to joining Hexagon in 2007, Jasnoch founded GIStec, a spinoff from Fraunhofer-IGD, where he oversaw the GIS department. He has a Ph.D. from the Technical University of Darmstadt on the topic of open distributed CAD system environments supporting concurrent engineering.

Luke Antoniou

Senior Editor


Antoniou has been reporting on the implementation of smart technologies that benefit the public sector for four years. He has a particularly keen interest in smart and sustainable mobility and its role in influencing the decisions of urban planners, residents and governments alike.

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